What We Know So Far

What We Know So Far

A supporter in a red and white t-shirt was seen tackling the shooter who was wearing black.

New Delhi:
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan was injured in a shooting at one of his rallies in Pakistan on Thursday.

Here’s what we know about the incident so far:

  1. Imran Khan was shot in the leg by a gunman. He is said to be out of danger.

  2. One person has been killed, and several others were injured, reports said. The gunman fired multiple shots.

  3. Imran Khan was quickly moved to another vehicle and taken to the hospital. Videos showed his leg was bandaged.

  4. The gunman was tackled by an Imran Khan supporter, and has been arrested. He was alone at the scene, reports said.

  5. Imran Khan was in a lorry bound for Islamabad as part of a protest roadshow that began on Friday from Lahore. His party has called the attack an assassination attempt.

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