“Were You Discussing Rivers Of Bangladesh?”: Shakib Al Hasan, Reporter Engage In Hilarious Conversation After Loss

"Were You Discussing Rivers Of Bangladesh?": Shakib Al Hasan, Reporter Engage In Hilarious Conversation After Loss

Bangladesh gave the Indian cricket team a huge scare in the Group 2 match of the T20 World Cup 2022 on Wednesday. Until rain halted the proceedings in the match, Bangladesh had India on the ropes. With the score reading 66/0 in 7 overs, the Bangla Tigers were 17 runs ahead of India by DLS method, but the play resumed and Rohit Sharma’s men changed the course of the game. Before the play resumed, Bangladesh skipper Shakib Al Hasan was spotted having a hilarious conversation with the umpires. He even got into an interesting Q&A with a reporter in the press conference on the same subject.

Bangladesh didn’t seem to be too keen to see the play resume quickly after the rain stopped but the officials gave the game a go-ahead after assessing the situation. Litton Das‘ run-out proved to be the game-changer for India as Bangladesh batters lost steam after his dismissal.

A journalist, during the press conference with Shakib, asked the Bangladesh skipper some hilarious questions about the resumption of play after the rain. Throughout the chat, Shakib had a smile on his face as he heard the questions.

Here’s how the conversation went:

Journalist: “Did you really try not to play after the rain?”

Shakib: “Do we have any option?”

Journalist: “No, that’s the reason. Did you try to convince them?”

Shakib: “Convince whom?”

Journalist: “Umpires and Rohit Sharma…”

Shakib: “Do I have the ability to convince the umpire?”

Journalist: “Accha. Then you were discussing the rivers of Bangladesh?”

Shakib: ….

Journalist: “Did you discuss something about the rivers in Bangladesh or something? What were you talking!?? Can you kindly explain?”

Shakib: “OK now you are asking the right question. Umpire called both the captains and told us the targets, how many overs remaining, playing rules…”

Journalist: “That’s all, and you all accepted it?”


Shakib: “Yes”

Journalist: “Beautiful, thank you”

Shakib has been in the headlines over some of the comments he made before the match against India. Fair to say that he tried to stay away from making such comments this time.

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