Russian Artists Mesmerise Audience With Their Ramlila Performance In Ayodhya

Video: Russian Artists Mesmerise Audience With Their Ramlila Performance In Ayodhya


Over 15 lakh diyas are set to be lit on the ghats of Ayodhya.

Adding an international touch to Diwali celebrations, a group of 12 Russian artists performed Ramlila in the temple town of Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh. 

After two years, UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has given a global platform to artists from foreign countries to perform the dramatic re-enactment of the life of Lord Ram in “Ramnagari  Ayodhya”. Therefore, on Saturday, the Russian troupe dressed in traditional ensembles mesmerised the audience with their performance during the ongoing Deepotsav celebrations

The event was led by the Russian group under the auspices of ‘Disha: India-Russia Friendship Society of Moscow’, the Padma Shri Gennady Mikhailovich Pechnikov Memorial Ramlila. 

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As per ANI, director and producer of the show Dr. Rameshwar Singh stated that the Yogi Adityanath government had provided him with a platform in India to present Russian Ramlila. Mr Singh added that Ramlila has been performed in Russia on a very significant scale since 1960. 

“12 artists came from Moscow to perform here. The language wasn’t a difficulty; making artists feel their characters was difficult,” he said. 

Separately, speaking with the outlet, a Russian actress said, “It’s my first time in India. I played Sita. We practiced for 3-4 months”.

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Meanwhile, the temple town of Ayodhya is gearing up to welcome devotees and tourists from all across the nation and the world to the holy city for the grand celebration of Deepotsav on Diwali. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also set to visit the town on Sunday, which will mark his first visit to Ayodhya after he laid the foundation stone for the Ram Temple in 2020. 

According to ANI, Ayodhya has been beautified with hoardings and banners from the Ramayana period to take visitors down history lanes on the festival of lights. To mark the occasion, more than 15 lakh diyas will be lit. Five animated tableaus and eleven Ramlila tableaus with different dance forms from different states will also be put up during Deepotsav. 


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