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Google has unveiled a new AI-powered code development assistant called Studio Bot, which is integrated into the latest version of Android Studio Hedgehog. This assistant, similar to GitHub Copilot, is designed to assist developers in writing code and improve development efficiency. Studio Bot uses a derivative of the language model PaLM 2, called Codey, to understand natural language and respond to development-related questions in English.

Developers can ask Studio Bot for help with code generation, queries about related resources, and best practices to improve development. Studio Bot is designed to increase productivity and save development time. Google highlights that Studio Bot is unique because it only sends the user’s instructions and not the program code to Google’s server to protect user privacy.

Studio Bot is in the experimental stage and is only available for US Android developers to try. Google warns that the results generated by Studio Bot may be inaccurate, misleading, or false. Therefore, developers should carefully check the code generated by Studio Bot and test it for errors and loopholes.

PaLM 2, the language model used by Studio Bot, is a new basic model released by Google. It is known for its ability to handle advanced reasoning tasks, including code, mathematics, classification, question and answer, translation, and multilingual problems. Compared to the previous generation of PaLM, PaLM 2 has improved computing scale, data sets, and model architecture. PaLM 2 understands the nuances of human language better than PaLM and can understand puzzles and idioms better, not just comparing literal meanings but also understanding words’ ambiguity and symbolic significance.

PaLM 2 pre-trains on more parallel multilingual texts, larger multilingual corpora, and a large number of web pages, codes, and various data sets. In addition to mainstream programming languages such as Python and JavaScript, it can generate code in languages such as Prolog, Fortran, and Verilog.

Google’s Studio Bot is a step forward in the field of AI-assisted coding. It is expected to save developers time and effort by providing a fast and accurate solution to coding problems. However, the accuracy and usefulness of Studio Bot are still being tested, and developers should still rely on their expertise to ensure the quality of their code. As AI technology advances, we can expect more innovative tools to assist developers.

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