Police Officer Catches 10-Foot-Long, Boa Snake In Florida

Police Officer Catches 10-Foot-Long, Boa Snake In Florida

The officer holds the 10-foot boa found in a Florida neighborhood.

A giant, 10-foot-long, 75-pound (about 34 kg) boa constrictor, a type of large, non-venomous, heavy-bodied snake, native to South and Central America, was captured by an officer in Florida’s residential neighbourhood with help from the local Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, reported the New York Post.

Florida Sheriff’s Deputy Clay Mangrum responded to an emergency 911 call after the snake was spotted on the side of a modular trailer in between some bends. The call was received from the Tall Pines neighbourhood of St. Lucie county, on October 28, the outlet further said. 

As per The Post, Mr Mangrum said he is well-acclimated around snakes, but this was the first time removing a boa. “I was able to gain control of the snake by grabbing it behind its head,” he said.

“I then pulled it from where it was hiding and gained some control of its body. Other deputies on scene assisted by holding the snake bag,” he told the news outlet. He also added that he knew it was a large snake but did not realise the actual size.

“Living and growing up in South Florida, I have been around snakes my whole life. I used to have snakes when I was a kid, as well,” he told The New York Post.

The officer also mentioned that he had never handled such a large type of snake. “I have never handled large constrictors and have never handled a snake near the size of this boa before. It was an exciting experience, for sure,” Mr Mangrum said.

St Lucie County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook and wrote, “A day in the life of a SLCSO Ag Deputy is never routine. How fitting on National First Responder Day that our deputies, with the assistance of FWC, captured a 10 foot, 75 pound boa this morning from the Tall Pines neighborhood. Thank you for everything you do for our community, especially when it involves a large reptile. #NationalFirstRespondersDay.”

October 28 is celebrated as National First Responders Day in the United States. On this day, men and women are honoured who take heroic action to save lives.

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It is reported that the snake is now being looked after by Chandler’s Wildlife in St Lucie’s County. 

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