Pet Snake Attacks Owner As She Removes It From Cage


The python attacked the owner after she removed the lid.

There is a lot of variety in what animals we keep as pets. Some people prefer dogs, others prefer cats, while others prefer reptiles like snakes. In a video going viral on the internet, a snake owner got bitten by her pet as she tried to take it out of the cage. 

In the video, a woman is seen trying to remove the lid of the cage and the reptile is seen hissing at her. Within a few seconds, the snake bites her hand and tries to completely wrap itself around the woman’s shoulder. The woman tries to put the snake back into the lid but to no avail. She is seen in visible pain. Another man jumps to the rescue to help her but the giant reptile continues to hug the woman’s hand. The man tries to push the snake towards himself and also gets a snake hook to remove the reptile. By this time, the woman is seen heavily bleeding.

Watch the video here:

The video was shared by Daily Loud on Twitter and has amassed over 80 lakh views and over one lakh likes. 

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Replying to the painful video, many users questioned the idea of keeping snakes as a pet. A user wrote, “That’s why I don’t like exotic pets so unpredictable” “Why would you ever want a snake as a pet. They have no loyalty to you,” said another user. A third added, “You people are gonna learn one day to stop making predators pets.”

It is not sure where the video was shot and whether the woman was moved to safety or not. 

A few months ago, a snake-lover in the United States barely dodged death when his 15-foot pet snake wrapped itself around his neck. 

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