Pet Dogs Meet A Newborn Baby For The First Time



Picture shows a pet golden retriever meeting a newborn for the first time.

A video of two Golden Retrievers welcoming a newborn baby has become a source of amusement for viewers on the internet. Since being posted, the video of the first pleasant interaction has gone viral and won the hearts of many people.

The video was shared on the official Instagram page of Riley, the Golden Retriever, on Saturday. “Riley meets Rhett for the first time,” reads the caption.

The video starts with a man holding a newborn baby in his hands, as two pet dogs are delighted to see the baby for the first time. When the man sits on a staircase and shows the dog the newborn baby, the dog begins licking the baby’s face to show some love.

The video has attracted more than 74,000 viewers and garnered over 8,000 likes within just one day of being shared. Instagram users have swamped the post’s comment section with heartfelt remarks.

Relating the pet’s affection to herself, one user wrote, “Goldens are the best! I remember when we brought my son home from the hospital eight years ago and our golden acted the same. Our miniature poodle, he didn’t want anything to do with us for a month.”

“Riley is gonna be the best big brother ever. He already loves baby human so much,” commented a second user.

Praising the incredible bond, another user commented, “This is the most precious!! Best buds forever!!!”

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