On Camera, Hair Pulled, Slaps As Noida Society Residents, Guards Clash

On Camera, Hair Pulled, Slaps As Noida Society Residents, Guards Clash


Noida: A woman guard was seen being pulled by her hair by a woman resident.

New Delhi:

Residents of a Noida society clashed with the security guards on Wednesday after a dispute over their association’s elections. A viral video captured the noisy fistfights and physical assaults between the two sides at the Hyde Park Society in Sector 78.

A woman resident was seen pulling a woman guard by her hair and slapping at least two other guards. Two women residents were also injured after being allegedly assaulted by the guards.

The dispute over the election to a Residential Welfare Association (RWA) post was between two groups of residents and the guards allegedly sided with one of them during the clash. The residents also accused the guards of rigging the elections.

Some of the guards, armed with sticks, tried warning the residents, but the clash continued, the video showed.

“The guards came all of a sudden and started beating us with sticks. We had gathered here for the general body meeting, but they switched off the lights to prevent us from holding the meeting. Then they took out rods from the fencing and attacked us,” said a woman resident, showing her injured hand.

Another woman was seen with a swollen hand as a resident could be heard saying, “Won’t allow gundagardi of guards in Hyde Park.”

The police reached the spot and brought the situation under control. On the complaints by the women, two guards were taken into custody, they said.

A dispute was ongoing between two sides, led by the residents Pushpendra and Dinesh Tyagi, at the society, and the police even investigated the matter in the past, said Sharad Kant Sharma, in-charge, Sector 113 police station.

The situation escalated to a physical assault last evening as the security guards allegedly sided with Dinesh Tyagi’s side and assaulted the other faction, police said.

The police are scurrying through the security camera footage from inside the society complex to identify the accused. A case will be registered after initial investigation is over, said police.

This marks yet another episode in guards and residents engaging in physical assault in the city in recent days.

Earlier this month, a food delivery person and a security guard engaged in a fight over entry into a housing society in Noida. In another instance, a resident and a guard were arrested for fighting over a dog in the complex.


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