Neuroparasite Shocks Internet, Turns Dead Bug Into ‘Zombie’ After Taking Control Of Brain

Video: Neuroparasite Shocks Internet, Turns Dead Bug Into


Some neuroparasites take over the brains of their hosts.

When we think of nature, we get beautiful images in our minds of lovely animals, deep forests, enormous oceans, plants, flora and fauna, and many other things. We certainly do not picture parasites enslaving an animal’s brain, controlling its behaviour, and turning it into a zombie. But recently, a video on the internet showed a neuro-parasite that captured the mind of a dead bug and made rotting insects walk.

In the video that was posted by Indian Forest Service employee Dr. Samrat Gowda on his Twitter account, the bug appears to be moving rather normally despite being without the majority of its internal organs. The officer claimed in the caption, “A neuro parasite has taken control of the brain of this dead insect and is making it walk…….. zombie.”

According to National Geographic, “some parasites more or less turn their hosts into the walking dead. These masters of mind control manipulate their hosts from within, causing them to act in self-destructive ways that ultimately benefit the parasite.”

Here is a link to the video:

Well, this video has proved that zombies are real and part of our environment. They are not simply depicted in fiction, books, and movies. Look no further than nature’s inventive, horrifying, and astounding displays of mind control for ideas if you want to create the next great zombie fiction.

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