Monkey Bodyslams Man, WWE-Style. Cue John Cena’s Music

Watch: Monkey Bodyslams Man, WWE-Style. Cue John Cena


A monkey jumps on a man who was trying to scare it away

New Delhi:

Monkey-human conflicts are common. From entering homes and stealing food to snatching phones, most have seen the antics of these creatures. Now, a video of a monkey reminded of WWE superstars. Why? It pulled off the signature move – Choke Slam – and how. 

The video opens with a monkey sitting on the wall of a house while a man tries to shoo it away. The monkey, in no mood to leave, climbs on a higher platform. The man tries to throw something at the monkey. This is when it seizes the opportunity to pounce on him. The animal holds the man by his neck and pins him to the ground.

The video has more than 6 lakh views on Twitter.

“This monkey belongs to WWE……..great skills,” wrote a user.

Another dubbed the monkey “Bandar Cena”, referring to WWE star wrestler John Cena.

The monkey was declared the winner by most of the people on the microblogging platform.

A person quipped that the monkey “was watching WWE from the window”.

Another reacted, “And, his name is “John Cena”.

A Twitter user termed the monkey’s move a “neck breaker blockbuster”.

Some thought the move was more like WWE wrestler Randy Orton’s RKO finisher.

Earlier, a monkey had snatched the spectacles of a district magistrate in Mathura’s Vrindavan. The video of the incident showed the official, Navneet Chahal, along with several policemen gathered under a building to get the glasses back from the monkey. The animal kept the men on their toes for some time before the glasses could be retrieved.


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