Mohammad Wasim Jr’s Viral Picture Shows Why Cricket Needs ‘Non-Striker Run-Out’

Mohammad Wasim Jr's Viral Picture Shows Why Cricket Needs 'Non-Striker Run-Out'


The Pakistan cricket team suffered a 1-run defeat at the hands of Zimbabwe in the T20 World Cup 2022 match on Thursday. The result has widely been categorised as the biggest upset of the tournament so far. But, things couldn’ve ended differently had Pakistan been able to take a double on the last ball of the match. Pakistan’s Mohammad Wasim Jr tried his best to ensure a double is taken on the final ball, and even did something that should’ve been punished by Zimbabwe bowler Brad Evans.

In a picture that has gone viral on social media. Wasim Jr. was spotted leaving his crease early on the final ball of the match, bowled by Brad Evans, when Pakistan were needing 2 runs from 1 ball to tie the match. Babar Azam‘s men didn’t succeed in taking a double, hence losing the match by 1 run.

Zimbabwe were required to throw the ball at the stirker’s end in order to prevent the Pakistan team from taking a double. Courtesy of the head start that Wasim Jr. had taken from his crease, it was easier for him to return to his crease in time.

The picture has caused plenty of outrage among fans and some experts on social media. Even former Australia spinner Brad Hogg took to Twitter, demanding stricter policies against such actions.

“Why severe penalty needs to be brought in for leaving the crease before the ball is delivered! Last ball of the game last night!,” he tweeted.

A Twitter user by the name of Peter Della Penna also posted a series of screenshots showing Wasim Jr. leaving the crease early. He also asserted how big drama it would’ve been had Pakistan managed to successfully claim a double on that occasion.


“Most fielders do it anyway, but extra smart by @SRazaB24 to pick the striker’s end for the final ball runout to beat Pakistan. Wasim had left the non-striker’s end before Evans leaped into his delivery stride, huge start. Raza’s best option for a runout was always striker’s end.

“Just imagine though if Pakistan had completed the second run to force a super over knowing Zimbabwe had a chance to nip that run in the bud (or at least force a different runner to come to the non striker’s end with 8 wickets down) before it started,” he wrote in a couple of tweets.

In the end, however, Zimbabwe didn’t just win the match but the result has also put Pakistan on the brink of elimination from the tournament.

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