Man Breaks Into ‘Bhangra’ While Welcoming His Friend At Heathrow Airport

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Two friends meeting each other after a long gap at Heathrow airport.

When travellers reach a destination after a long journey, they are often stressed. But something that can change their mood and fill them with excitement is finding their loved ones waiting for them to arrive. And if that person adds a surprise, the excitement level goes sky high. Such thing happened at London’s Heathrow airport when a Sikh man welcomed his friend with bhangra. A video of the man’s sweet gesture is gaining traction on social media with users saying this is one of the best things they have seen in ages.

The 29-second video shows a man emerging from arrival gate with his luggage stuffed on a trolley. He is seen searching for his friend.

Soon, the search gets over as the person who has come to pick him up, crosses the railing in the waiting area and heads towards him. The two friends break into bhangra in front of other arriving passengers and people waiting for their loved ones to arrive.

The dancing duo then hug each other tightly, with the returnee’s face beaming with joy. He is then taken to meet others waiting at the gate and that’s where the video ends.

“This has to be one of the most legendary welcomes at Heathrow Airport,” the user who tweeted the video captioned it.

Twitter users have liked the warm welcome given to the passenger.

“That’s the best thing I’ve seen in ages,” one user tweeted. “My cheeks hurt because I can’t stop smiling,” said another in a GIF.

“Love it,” a third user commented.

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