In Gujarat Bridge Tragedy, 10 Lapses

In Gujarat Bridge Tragedy, 10 Lapses

The pedestrian bridge in Gujarat’s Morbi collapsed on Sunday.

Morbi, Gujarat:
There were a series of lapses in the renovation of the pedestrian bridge in Gujarat’s Morbi which collapsed four days after it was reopened, killing 135 people on Sunday, the police have told a court, seeking the custody of those accused.

Here are 10 lapses that authorities listed in court, according to documents accessed by NDTV:

  1. The materials used for the renovation were “substandard” and the entire structure was vulnerable.

  2. There was no structural audit of the 143-year-old bridge before its renovation.

  3. Many of the cables of the suspension bridge were rusty, including the part where it broke. The incident would not have happened had the cables been repaired.

  4. As part of the renovation, only the platform was changed and not the cables. Materials used for this increased the weight.

  5. The contractors hired for the renovation job were not qualified for such work. The subcontractor only painted and polished the cables for renovation. The same firm, although unqualified, had been given a contract in 2007 as well.

  6. The bridge was opened to the public without determining how many people it could carry.

  7. Government approvals were not taken before it was reopened.

  8. There was no emergency rescue and evacuation plan. There was no lifesaving equipment nor lifeguards.

  9. There was no documentation of the repair work, nor was it inspected by experts.

  10. The company had time till December to complete the renovation, but they opened the bridge much earlier, anticipating a huge crowd in the festive season of Diwali and Gujarati New Year.

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