Hilarious Plan To Bring Back Kohinoor Via Rishi Sunak Is Viral

Rishi Sunak Next UK PM, But Twitter Is Talking About Ashish Nehra


Manu have pointed to the resemblance between Rishi Sunak (right) and Ashish Nehra.

Since Rishi Sunak’s appointment as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, the Internet has been flooded with memes. Many have highlighted his resemblance to former Team India cricketer Ashish Nehra while others have not missed a chance to mention the Kohinoor diamond in their jokes. Jumping in on the trend, industrialist Harsh Goenka has shared an amusing post on Twitter featuring his “friend’s idea to get back Kohinoor”.

The plan, according to the RPG Group chairman, involves inviting Mr Sunak to India, kidnapping him when he gets stuck in the infamous Bengaluru traffic to meet his in-laws, and then sending back Ashish Nehra as the UK PM because “no one will realise it”. Following this, “[Ashish] Nehra will be told to pass the bill to return Kohinoor,” the tweet read.

The plan has drawn some rib-tickling reactions from Twitter users.

“Why kidnap? When he is at the signal, Nehra can go, get the bill passed and return with the Kohinoor. [Rishi] Sunak will still be at the signal. Trust Bangalore traffic,”a user wrote.

Another added, “Good idea but we don’t need Kohinoor in this way every Indian origin and Indians are  Kohinoor for us one of is Rishi Sunak I am sure he will serve the UK well.”

“[Ashish] Nehra will get exposed the moment he opens his mouth. The Dilli Hinglish accent will give him away in a flash.,” reacted a person.

One suggested some tweaking in the plan.

Another offered similar changes and wrote, “Point 2 not needed. Points 3 and 4 can be achieved during the time Rishi Sunak is stuck in Bangalore traffic.”

Some questioned if the plan would work.

“No need to kidnap in Bangalore traffic. By the time he reaches his in-laws, the mission would be over,” a comment read.

One user joked, “Such a brilliant plan but it’s revealed so have to come up with another plan now.”

Rishi Sunak created history by becoming the first Indian origin to hold office at 10 Downing Street.

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