Firecracker Flashpoint In Delhi Over Viral Celebration Video

BJP vs AAP: Firecracker Flashpoint In Delhi Over Viral Celebration Video


“All such laws are for Hindu festivals only,” a BJP spokesperson said while attacking AAP.

New Delhi:

A day after Delhi’s Environment Minister Gopal Rai announced that a complete ban on the sale of firecrackers will continue, the BJP today attacked the Aam Aadmi Party government over a video from the residence of newly appointed Delhi minister, Raj Kumar Anand, which showed supporters burning firecrackers to celebrate his elevation.

BJP Delhi spokesperson Harish Khurana tweeted the video, questioning whether those firecrackers don’t cause pollution. He further alleged that all such laws are for Hindu festivals only.

“If we Hindus burn firecrackers on Diwali, then pollution it will cause pollution, if your workers burn crackers on becoming a minister, then it is okay. @ArvindKejriwal

By the way, the firecrackers lit by the minister must be special, will not cause pollution?

All such laws are for Hindu festivals only,” he tweeted in Hindi.

The video shows a man lighting firecrackers while celebratory drums play in the background inside a house’s compound.

Several other BJP leaders have tweeted the video, questioning the “hypocrisy” and “double standard” of the Delhi government. They have also given the matter a communal colour.

Another BJP spokesperson, Tajinder Pal Singh Bagga, has called the AAP “anti-Hindu”.

AAP is yet to respond to the controversy.

The firecracker ban turns into a political slug fest every year during Diwali, with AAP fighting with its back against the wall while the BJP launches sharp attacks accusing it of being “anti-Hindu”.

The Supreme Court had last week refused to accord urgent hearing to a plea against the ban on all types of firecrackers in the national capital till January 1, 2023.

On October 10, the Supreme Court had refused to stay the Delhi government’s order banning storage, sale, and use of all varieties of firecrackers till January 1 to check pollution levels in the national capital, saying it did not want to add to the air pollution. 

Last year, the top court had asserted the ban was not against any community. 

“Under the guise of enjoyment you [manufacturers] cannot play with lives of citizens. We are not against particular community. We want to send strong message that we are here for the protection of fundamental rights of citizens,” the court had said.

The Supreme Court had said the earlier ban order on firecrackers was passed after giving elaborate reasons.

“All firecrackers were not banned. It was in larger public interest. There is a particular impression being created. It should not be projected that it was banned for particular purpose. Last time we said that we weren’t coming in way of enjoyment but we cannot come in way of fundamental rights of people,” it said.


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