Dog’s Adorable Dance As Family Wish Him A Happy Birthday

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From a scrumptious cake to loads of wishes and gifts, birthday is the most awaited day for all of us. Now, it seems that it holds true for dogs too. An adorable video has been shared on the Internet that shows a dog enjoying and sharing a special moment with its owners as they celebrate its birthday.

The clip, uploaded on Twitter, shows a Golden Retriever sitting at the table and moving its head and paws out of joy amid claps and wishes for its birthday. The pooch happily enjoys the celebration and even gets a hug. We can also see a birthday cake for the dog at the table.

The video garnered more than 3 million views on Twitter and elicited numerous reactions. “He is so happy he seems to understand that the party is for him,” wrote a user.

Another reacted, “And this is why dogs are the best”.

One user was “expecting the dog to pull the table cloth off and bring all the dishes crashing to the floor”.

The clip is surely loaded with cuteness.

“My goodness, look at the joy.. he is so happy. Loved this video so much,” a person wrote.

There were quite a few wishes for the pet. “Doggie knows it’s his/her birthday. Looks like they are singing with the family having a great day,” a comment read.

Not just humans, some dogs too wished the Golden Retriever.

A few users said that the dog has its eyes on the delicious cake.

“Oh my Goodness! Happy birthday! He is just too adorable! Love him!” another wish read.

So, tell us how you celebrate your pet’s birthday.

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