Delhi Man’s Revenge After Cops Slapped Him For Allegedly Ogling Woman

Delhi Man


Fire engines rushed to Khan Market soon after the fire broke out

New Delhi:

A Zomato food delivery executive set his bike on fire at Delhi’s posh Khan Market area and started throwing stones at police when they tried to catch him. He was eventually overpowered and taken into custody after dramatic scenes that pulled a huge crowd.

The incident, which took place Sunday, sparked panic in the posh market area that houses popular restaurants and showrooms of several prominent brands.

According to police sources, 23-year-old Nadeem came to the market the previous day to collect food from one of the restaurants there. While he was waiting to receive the package, a couple passed by. The woman accused him of staring at her and complained at the police outpost there.

While no written complained was registered, one of the policemen on duty slapped Nadeem. Upset over this, he returned the next day and set his two-wheeler on fire, said sources.

Police personnel and fire engines rushed to the spot soon after the fire broke out. The flames from the two-wheeler had spread to a nearby furniture shop before they were brought under control.

Videos recorded on the spot showed the burning bike as Nadeem threw stones at the police to avoid being caught. A separate clip showed the man after he had been caught. As the police take him away, he is heard shouting insults.

A huge crowd is seen gathered at the spot and barricades are seen on the ground, suggesting the chaos caused by the dramatic episode.


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