Deadliest Bridge Collapses Of The Past 20 Years

Deadliest Bridge Collapses Of The Past 20 Years


The bridge in Gujarat snapped today, killing over 90 people


The collapse of a suspension bridge in Gujarat on Sunday was one of the deadliest disasters of its kind to rock the country in years. Here is a recap of some previous bridge collapses over the past two decades which have left at least 20 dead or missing around the world.

2022: At least 60 dead in Gujarat

At least 60 people are killed on Sunday after a 100-year-old suspension bridge collapses in Morbi in Gujarat. Local media quoted officials as saying that as many as 500 people were on the Morbi bridge when it gave way.

2021: 26 dead in Mexico City

An elevated section of track on the Mexico City metro system collapsed in May bringing a passenger train crashing down, killing 26 people and injuring dozens.

2018: 43 dead in Genoa

The collapse of a bridge in the Italian city of Genoa kills 43 people. The Morandi bridge, part of a key highway connecting France and Italy, gave way in torrential rain in August, sending dozens of vehicles and their passengers tumbling into the abyss. 

2016: 26 dead in Kolkata

In March, the collapse of a flyover onto a busy street in Kolkata kills at least 26 people. Rescue workers pull out nearly 100 people injured under huge concrete slabs and metal.

2011: Catastrophes in India

In October, at least 32 people are killed when a bridge packed with festival crowds collapses in northeast India, about 30 kilometres from Darjeeling. Less than a week later around 30 people are killed when a footbridge over a river in Arunachal Pradesh collapses.

2007: Nepal and China

In August in China at least 64 workers are killed when a river bridge in central Hunan province collapses as they are completing its construction. In Nepal in December at least 16 people are killed and 25 missing after a bridge crowded with pilgrims collapses in the west of the country. At the time of the accident nearly 400 people were said to have been on the bridge across a gorge over the Bheri River, 380 kilometres west of the capital Kathmandu. As many as 100 people managed to swim to safety.

2006: Pakistan and India

In August in Pakistan at least 40 people die as monsoon rains wash away a bridge in Mardan, 50 kilometres from Peshawar in the northwest of the country. In December in India at least 34 people die as a 150-year-old bridge collapses on a passenger train in a railway station in Bihar.

2003: India and Bolivia

In August in India 20 people, including 19 children, die when a bridge falls into a river near Mumbai, making a school bus and four other vehicles fall into the river. In December in Bolivia at least 29 people die as floods wash away a road bridge as a bus is crossing it.

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