Close-Up Photo Of Ant’s Face Leaves Internet Stunned

Close-Up Photo Of Ant's Face Leaves Internet Stunned


The picture of the ant’s face won one Nikon item valued at $35.

A Lithuanian photographer took home a prize in a Nikon photography competition for his remarkable shot of an ant’s face. Wildlife photographer Eugenijus Kavaliauskas presented his highly magnified ant photo at the 2022 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition, which celebrates the art of microscope photography and allows people to capture details the human eye cannot see. 

Mr Kavaliauskas’ submission was one of the 57 selected “Images of Distinction”. The picture of the ant’s face, magnified five times under a microscope, won one Nikon item valued at $35. 


The magnified picture of an ant’s face was honoured as an “Image of Distinction”.

The face in the photograph had red eyes and what appeared to be golden fangs. The image attracted some attention on social media as well, with one user even calling it “horrifying”. 

“Image from a horror movie? Nope. That’s the very real face of an ant. An ant. Now you have to think about that all night,” wrote one user while sharing the close-up picture of the ant. “Dragons didn’t disappear into myth they just shrunk,” jokingly said another. 

“Now just imagine if they were giANTS!” commented third. “Absolute stunner!” added fourth.

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Meanwhile, the top place for this year’s photography competition went to an image of the embryonic hand of a Madagascar gecko, taken by Grigorii Timin of the University of Geneva.

“Masterfully blending imaging technology and artistic creativity, Timin utilized high-resolution microscopy and image-stitching to capture this species of Phelsuma grandis day gecko,” Nikon said in a statement. 

According to The Independent, Nikon has held its photography competition for 48 years. The company received around 1,300 entries to its 2022 competition and announced the winners last week. 

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