Chilling Video Shows Cow Stomping On Man’s Torso And Mercilessly Attacking Him

Chilling Video Shows Cow Stomping On Man


The location where the video was shot is yet to be known.

A terrifying video of a man getting horribly trampled by a cow in the streets in front of onlookers has surfaced on social media. The 16-second-long clip was shared on Twitter by @gharkekalesh on Thursday, and since it garnered more than 74,000 views and over 3,400 likes.  

The video opened to show a man pulling a rope tied against a cow’s legs as a group of men watched him. Seconds later, the man was seen kicking the animal mercilessly, pulling the cow’s tail and swirling it repeatedly. The cow, on the other hand, was seen trying to get away from the man. However, as the man kept hurting the animal, the cow knocked him to the ground and attacked him with its horn. 

Watch the video below: 

While the cow was visibly patient at the start of the clip, it got agitated after the man twisted its tail aggressively. The cow whirled around in a swift motion and attacked him with its horn. The animal dragged the man across the street and ruthlessly stomped his torso, while a group of men screamed in terror. 

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The now-viral video left several internet users outraged. In the comment section, netizens pointed out that it was the man’s fault for treating the animal so mercilessly. 

“Well done. He deserves this…if you cannot respect such beautiful creatures of God… they will not respect you too,” wrote one user. “Instant Karma,” said another. 

A third commented, “this makes me so happy #stopanimalcruelty,” while a fourth added, “The cow’s retaliation was extremely satisfying”.

The location where the video was shot and the time when the incident took place are yet to be known.

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Meanwhile, earlier this year, in another similar incident, an elderly man was badly injured after he was tossed in the air by a bull. The horrifying moment was caught on CCTV footage. In the video, the man was seen crossing a street, before a bull charged him from behind and knocked him to the ground. 

The incident happened in Haryana’s Faridabad earlier this month. The man was admitted to a nearby hospital following the incident. 

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