Bhagat Singh’s Relative Slams Arvind Kejriwal. Here’s Why

Storm Of Change Sweeping Over Gujarat, Says Arvind Kejriwal Addressing Rally In Bhavnagar


The freedom fighter’s relative asked Arvind Kejriwal not “equate anybody” with him.


Slamming Arvind Kejriwal for comparing his deputy Manish Sisodia and minister Satyendar Jain with Bhagat Singh, a close relative of the freedom fighter, Harbhajan Singh Dhath, on Monday asked the Delhi Chief Minister to “fight his fights politically”.

Dhath also asked Kejriwal to refrain from “equating” criminals with freedom fighters and suggested that he “concentrate” on the “miserable” condition of Punjab, where the Aam Aadmi Party was voted to power earlier this year with a thumping majority.

Kejriwal on Sunday had equated Sisodia who is facing a probe in the alleged excise policy case, and jailed minister Jain, with Bhagat Singh. “Jail bars and hanging noose could not deter Bhagat Singh’s resolute intentions. This is the second fight for freedom. Manish and Satyendar are today’s Bhagat Singh. After 75 years, the country got an education minister who gave good education to the poor and gave hope for a bright future,” he had tweeted.

Speaking to ANI, the relative of the freedom fighter lambasted the Delhi Chief Minister and asked “what political mileage did he want from it?”

“Why are criminals caught in corruption cases being compared with martyrs? What political mileage did he want from it? Whatever your fight, fight it politically. Do not equate them with the martyrs. It is not only about Bhagat Singh but also do not equate anybody with other freedom fighters,” Dhath said.

“It was never his (Bhagat Singh’s) mission to be elected to power or else he could have survived and would not have been hanged… They should concentrate on the condition Punjab is in today,” he added.

The freedom fighter’s relative asked Kejriwal to follow Bhagat Singh’s vision but not “equate anybody” with him.

“There could not be a more shameful thing than comparing Satyendar Jain with Bhagat Singh. He is lodged in jail for months and the court is denying him bail. And you compare him with Bhagat Singh. We do not have any problem if you follow his vision, but do not equate anybody with Bhagat Singh,” Dhath said.

Calling the condition of Punjab “miserable”, he said that the people who voted them to power can also remove them from the top position.

“People have brought you to power (in Punjab), but if they can bring you to power, they also know how to remove you. The condition of Punjab is miserable. It was unimaginable to think that you would do such a thing to Punjab after coming to power,” he said.

“We have seen it earlier also that they took his name before the elections. I want to ask Kejriwal why did you need it? People know Bhagat Singh, he does not need recognition from the political parties. People respect him across the country and consider him an idol,” Dhath added.

Kejriwal’s remarks had come after his deputy Manish Sisodia was issued summon by the CBI in the excise policy case, in which Sisodia is one of the accused.

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