Best Way To Make Money Using New Vpn Affiliate Program

What is a VPN Affiliate Program?

A VPN, or virtual private network, aids internet users’ safety, security, and privacy. A consumer pays a monthly fee to have their IP address hidden from websites and emails. A VPN secures an internet connection and allows users to stay anonymous.

When someone purchases the VPN you represent using your link, you earn a commission as a VPN reseller program publisher.

Why Would Someone Want to Hide Their IP Address?

IP addresses reveal a user’s location on the road or at home. Furthermore, corporations frequently utilize IP addresses to track visitors to their websites. Hackers also enjoy acquiring access to IP addresses since it allows them to take control of devices and jeopardize data.

Being a VPN affiliate allows you to assist others in avoiding similar issues. Fortunately, several VPN reseller schemes pay pretty well.

The VPN affiliate program is famous thanks to its unique affiliate link and actual compensation rates. Bloggers, YouTubers, company owners, and media professionals all use affiliate programs to supplement their revenue.

6 Top-Paying VPN Affiliate Programs You Can Join

Here are a few famous VPN affiliate programs with good commissions that you should consider.

  1. PureVPN

PureVPN has a 50% commission policy and a 90-day cookie policy. They also provide a 7-day money-back guarantee and are present in over 141 countries, including Hong Kong.

  1. TorGuard

TorGuard has a lifetime recurring commission of 30% and a cookie policy of 60 days. They also have affiliate management software and may share their links with friends, customers, and website visitors.

  1. OVPN

With a 30-day cookie policy, OVPN offers a 30-50% commission. They have one of the world’s most excellent security-focused VPN reseller services, and they own all of their own gear. Affiliates earn substantial commissions on initial sales and significant commissions on all subsequent transactions.

  1. ExpressVPN

With a 90-day cookie policy, ExpressVPN offers a commission ranging from $13 to $36. In addition, to the VPN service, they provide applications for all devices and platforms, as well as browser extensions and routers. Their compensation structure is adaptable, with growing rewards dependent on sales volume. They are currently running their affiliate program using Post Affiliate Pro.

  1. NordVPN

NordVPN charges a fee of 40-100% on new signups and 30% on renewals. They have a cookie policy that lasts 30 days. They provide military-grade cyber security to allow unrestricted access to websites. Affiliates may sign up for the program through HasOffers or Commission Junction, which gives one of the highest VPN commissions and lifelong revenue splits.

  1. Ivacy

With a 90-day cookie policy, Ivacy VPN gives a 10% commission. They also feature a no-log VPN for any device. Refersion manages the affiliate program and provides a decent collection of tools to assist affiliates in setting up and executing campaigns, such as banners, text links, sales tracking, and special offer notifications.

We’ve just given you a broad overview of affiliate VPN reseller programs and how simple it is to make money as a member of one. Using all of these programs’ capabilities to help spread the word benefits not just the affiliate but also the firm.

Pros of Becoming a VPN Reseller Affiliate Program

There are several advantages to being a VPN affiliate, including that it is a low-cost option to generate money. Affiliate marketing is a multibillion-dollar industry requiring little to no prior knowledge or skill.

As a VPN affiliate, you benefit from simplicity, flexibility, a modest initial commitment, and a potentially good secondary revenue source. You may also work independently and on your own flexible schedule as an affiliate marketer. You may even generate money while sleeping, depending on where you reside!

Cons of Becoming a VPN Affiliate

Are there any disadvantages? There are always advantages and disadvantages in business. Being an affiliate is not for everyone since affiliate marketing programs are managed by the firm rather than the individual. Furthermore, there is no certainty of revenue. Nothing is gained if nothing is sold.

You may also want to significantly influence how much money you make. Commissions and prices in an affiliate program are determined by the firm, not the affiliate.

Is there a rivalry? Yes, but there is no limit to how much money you can make if you master affiliate marketing and use it to your advantage. It may take some time to establish itself, but the sky’s the limit once it does.

The trick is to be self-disciplined and to work with a firm that offers extra help if you’re just starting out. Having those resources and the backing of a firm may make or break your success.


This information should point you in the correct route if you want to become a VPN affiliate. A corporation’s commissions and services should be the most important decision considerations.

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