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The answer to today’s puzzle was an obvious one… eventually. I had all the information I needed quite early on, but this was one of those days where I couldn’t see what I had until I was in danger of running out of guesses. It was frustrating, but at least I got today’s Wordle answer in the end.


Each day, we will update this article with Wordle hints and tips to help you find today’s answer.  And if the hints aren’t enough, we’ll even give you the answer, in case you’re really stuck or just haven’t had time to complete today’s puzzle. Plus, we are also including an analysis of yesterday’s puzzle, #664, in case you’re reading this in a different time zone.

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Struggling with today’s Wordle? Use our handy Wordle hint selection to help you, or learn the Wordle answer today with our guide! Think some Wordle hints might help you guess today’s word in three tries or less? Give it a go with our helpful hints or Wordle Word Finder !


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Where did Wordle come from?

Originally created by engineer Josh Wardle as a gift for his partner, Wordle rapidly spread to become an international phenomenon, with thousands of people around the globe playing every day. Alternate Wordle versions created by fans have even sprung up, including battle royale Squabble, music identification game Heardle, and variations like Dordle and Quordle that make you guess multiple words at once. 

Wordle eventually became so popular that it was purchased by the New York Times, and TikTok creators even livestream themselves playing.

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